The Pan African Historical Museum USA
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The Pan-African Historical Museum, U.S.A. Inc. is a non-profit organization consisting of four areas of specialization: Education, Culture, Career Exploration and Community Service Learning.  PAHMUSA, Inc. will serve as a material and human resource that will seek to present the history and culture of Africa and people of African descent in a dignified and accurate manner. To this end we will house books, authentic and historical art and artifacts relevant to the African and African-American experiences.

As a historical, museum for schools, community centers and the  general public we will foster a clear understanding of Africa, her peoples and her enormous contribution to human civilization. We will recreate the great civilizations  such as ancient Ghana, Mali, Songhay Ghana and others. We will re-establish the link between these great ancient civilizations and their Caribbean and South American counterparts. We hope to attain these goals through our efforts to showcase Africa’s contributions in music, theatre, dance and the visual arts and literature. Furthermore, their contribution in science, mathematics and technology will be highlighted in an interactive hands-on manner. We believe. in the power of Sankofa, an Akan word which means: We know our past so that we can move more effectively into the future.